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Little Talents are the incredible talents that all kids have: laughing, playing, exploring, growing up, dreaming, discovering... It doesn’t matter if they are super dancers, great mathematicians or top apple pie cooks.

All talents are cool. What’s yours?


Little Talents was born with the idea of creating a clothing brand that values the authenticity of children, that lets their imagination run wild so they can develop their infinite talents.

For them, every day is a new adventure in which everything is possible, which is why we love to see the world through their eyes.

We design clothes that inspire them to do what they really love, to explore their own uniqueness and enjoy what they do best: being kids.

cool sustainable practices


At Little Talents we are always considering, how we can be free of the negative social- and environmental impacts that follow many brands of the clothing industry. Our clothes are environmentally friendly as much as currently possible since we can’t remove the negative impacts entirely. This is why it is one of our primary focuses, to do what we can to keep the negatives down to a minimum and keep our planet happy.

When our generation grows old, it will be our kids’ duty to protect the planet. Therefore, we strive to develop and support the little big people of our society’s talents, so they in the future will believe in their own powers, and that they can act, innovate, and make the future necessary changes. As humans, we are obligated to clean up after ourselves and protect the planet. We do this in a funny, cute, and interesting way.


Our goal is to have our clothes and packaging consisting of non-harmful materials, both for humans and the rest of planet alike. To keep our collections sustainable we use biological materials, which both aren’t and will not be scarce in the future.

We at Little Talents want to make sure that our materials are healthy for the planet, while also maintaining high-quality products. This is why 80% of our clothes are made from 100% organic cotton to keep our products quality up to standard. 

Our packaging consists of cardboard boxes, silk paper and stickers, which are almost completely CO2 neutral. They are all 100% recyclable since they are made of biological materials. 

Also, our manufacturers are Oeko-Tex certified, which means our products are documented free of chemicals that could be harmful in any way.

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